Lately I have felt like my life isn’t quite on track. I got busy, I dropped the ball on my usual routine and I let things slip. My house got messy which always has a way of overwhelming me, I felt unmotivated at work and hit a bit of a slump in my mood. I didn’t want to go do things with my friends and there was NO way I wanted to write a blog post.

I also had this feeling that I was forgetting something constantly. My mind just felt blank. Clearly, being this unorganised and out of control just isn’t for me. While I still had my bullet journal that usually is my tool for staying organised, it just wasn’t helping.

Seeing as it is now October (where did the year go??) I also feel like my goals have gotten bigger, and things are generally just more stressful. I am also realising how quickly time goes by and how long it really takes to achieve my goals. I feel like I have a million things flying in the air and I am being pulled in ever different direction both personally and at work.

So today I decided to get back in control! And it is the best feeling. Here’s what I had to do:


I create a fresh new spread in a new bullet journal (my last one was about to run out and it just seemed worn out and overly complicated — a sure sign of the level of stress). I needed to feel like there is a way to stay in control of everything, including my goals and what I need to get done in a day.

A fresh bujo, felt like a fresh start.


Next I sat down and wrote out all my goals, looking at each ‘section’ of my life: school/work, relationships, career and health. Even if its a loose piece of paper, you need to write down your goals. I like using my 2017 Resolutions & Goals printable which helps me keep track of my goals and the progress I’m making toward achieving them. This helps you find which area’s you feel need to readdressed the most so you can feel in control again.


I have been getting very overwhelmed with all of the work I had to do, mixed in with personal things that have been mounting up (like trying to get this blog up and running properly and looking into starting an online shop). So I hit refresh and started at the beginning by planning out my to-do’s for the whole week in order of necessity. Knowing which main tasks had to be done first made me feel a lot less stressed especiallywhen I managed to tick one or two off in the first day!


I’m not big into exercise or going to the gym. For me it’s one of those “go for three weeks and never go again” type situations. But because I have been feeling quite anxious from my stress (here’s some other ways I try and deal with it) and I have become increasingly more aware of my health over the year (food really effects my moods and I want to start being more natural/organic…more on that later if you’re interested), I looked up some yoga on youtube. When I got home this evening I set my laptop up on my couch and put on my leggings and got ready to do 20-odd minutes of yoga. I watched Yoga With Adriene‘s video titled “Yoga For Anxiety and Stress”. And, wow. I felt so calm and relaxed afterwards, although I still have a long way to go to master those poses!

I think light exercise is really key for trying to get your life back on track, and yoga isn’t awfully difficult, time consuming or requires you to go to a gym. Simply find some great YouTube channels!


I wanted to be healthy, get work done, make time for friends and try new things in my city, but this feeling of needing to get everything done in one day made me anxious all over again. So I have decided to rotate each week and dedicate it to something I feel I need to do. This week I am focusing on trying new health routines like yoga at home in the evenings and I have also started making my lunches the night before (hello butternut soup…recipe coming soon). Plus, I want to try more organic, hormone free products so I am trying almond milk for the first time. I am quite the coffee addict and a huge lover of milk, but after putting together these 5 SUPER HEALTHY COFFEE RECIPES TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR MORNINGS I felt like I needed to make the change to organic almond milk to make a real difference to my health.

I am still in the process of getting things back on track, but I think if I stick to what I’ve been doing I will feel a whole lot better. What are some things you do to get your life back on track?





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  1. Dear Alexandra,

    I have just found your blog thanks to Liebster Awards! I looove it! Your are so inspiring and your articles are amazing! 🙂


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