I have now come to realise the importance of a morning routine. It has really been a struggle for me though. I am naturally one of those people who goes to bed at midnight, and gets up really late.  This doesn’t really mesh well with studying, school, varsity or even a job! I felt overwhelmed by my days when I got up late. There was so much to do, and so little time to do it, because let’s be honest even though I was staying up late I didn’t do all that much other than watch TV or jist generally waste my time.

So, I decided to change how I did things. And what I have learned in the past few weeks has really changed the way I approach every single day. I am way less stressed and manage to get so much more done! Here’s what I do to get my day going the right way:


There are a few basics I need to cover, and ones you probably know already — so let me just get them out the way. First, wake up early. Wow, what a revelation — like you’ve never heard this one before! Unfortunately it is pretty key to getting a good morning routine established. This is usually means that you need to then get to bed at a reasonable time. I try to get to bed by 10:30 so I can wake up at 6:30 or 7:00, two hours before I need to be at work.


Or tea, if that’s more your thing. I love starting my day off with a good cup of coffee. I start my morning off by shuffling through to the kitchen in my slippers and dressing gown after my alarm clock has harassed me enough to wake me up and  I’ve forced myself out of bed (I have not, and probably never will, jump out of bed ready to take on the day). Coffee is a great energy boost in the morning and I perk right up after a few sips.


While I don’t do this every morning, I really think incorporating an element of stress-release and calm is the perfect way to start your morning off the right way, whether it is through meditating or doing some light exercise. Some gentle activity with help you reduce negativity, stress and anxiety meaning you will be more positive and motivated for the day ahead!


I sit at my desk and fill in my bullet journal spread for the day (which I usually have set up in advance, take a look here) and jot down exactly what I need to do that day. I always make sure to leave space for a few extra’s because something else is bound to come up! Then, I set out my daily goals that I really want to work toward.

Ps. Here’s how I set my goals and actually achieve them.


I am a firm believer in a delicious fruit smoothie for breakfast. I throw in a few frozen berries, some ice, plain greek yogurt and water, for the ideal breakfast. You can also follow the latest food trends and add whatever it is that is going at the moment — spinach, kale, moringa, you name it. As an alternative I also settle for a slice of toast and marmalade or an apple if I’m not particularly peckish.

These’ are the 5 things I do to feel more energised for the day ahead, making sure I am ready to face the day with a positive attitude! What are some of the things you do? Let me know in the comments (or on Instagram) I would love to hear and learn from you!



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  1. Love your advice! Really makes my day. Thank you!

    xx, Shreya
    My Travel//Lifestyle Blog:


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