It can be hard, and often inconvenient at times, to fulfil and pursue your goals. It also always seems like you will have loads of time to get them done, and yet here we are, five months into the year.

It feels like 2017 is flying by far too quickly. I started this year with a long list of goals and an eager attitude to achieve them all and then some. But the past few months have not come without their own challenges. From altering my initial plan of action for the year, to realising things I hadn’t factored in — everything got a little crazy and I had been feeling a bit out of control.So this weekend I sat down to realign myself and steer things in the right direction. I set myself some goals, and it has really helped me feel more motivated.

Here’s what you need to do to set any goal AND achieve it:


You can set one big goal, or a few smaller ones it’s up to you and what you feel you can do but the important thing is to keep it simple. Your goal/s can be anything you want to achieve from getting a certain grade, to books you want to read, a course you want to do, or even things from travel, money and health. You need to make sure that you keep it simple. If you have one goal make sure you are truly able to focus on it. Don’t create tonnes of goals that you won’t be able to do on top of your hectic work load! Keeping it simple means you can complete your goals, and stay motivated!


Even if its a loose piece of paper, you need to write down your goals. I suggest using a Goals Journal like this one from Kikki K, or you can use my FREE 2017 Resolutions & Goals printable which you can download from Dropbox. This will help you keep track of your goals and the progress you are making toward achieving them. You need to make sure your goals are tangible and specific when you write them down. Instead of saying “I want to do well in Uni” rather set a positive and specific target like “Get an average of 85% in all my subjects.” Also, try not use words like ‘want to’ or ‘would like to’, start thinking you WILL do it.

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Some goals can be achieved in a matter of days while others take more time, and months of dedication. You need to set out how long you want to give yourself, realistically, to complete the goals you have set. Set this out alongside the goals you have written down so you can track it more easily. It’s key to be realistic with yourself, so you don’t end up over doing it (or being too lenient).


It’s all good and well to know what goals you want to achieve, and to write them down. That’s the easy bit. Now you need to figure out what steps you need to take in order to make the goal a reality. Start from the beginning, and keep it simple. What will you need to achieve your goal? Money? Resources? Tools? People? Set out what steps will get you there and a basic timeline that these need to be done by within the overall time frame. Set yourself weekly deadlines if you need the motivation to follow these steps through!


This is what really makes a difference when you are trying to achieve your goals. It’s so easy to get caught up in every day tasks and our busy lives mean there is always something else that’s important needing to be done. Write them down in your bullet journal, stick them up on your cupboard, pin them on your pinboard, or make it your screensaver. By having an ever-present reminder of the importance of your goals it will help you make them a reality.


What can you do TODAY? One of my favourite motivational quotes at the moment is “One Day or Day One?”. And it really makes me realise every time I see it. Will it happen one day or will today be day one? If you start today, even if it is something small, you have atlas started. And that is the hardest part! Not tomorrow, not next Monday and not next month. Start today.

What else do you do to set and actually achieve your goals?


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