How I Stay Organised

My bullet journal literally saves me from having a minor break down every half hour. I don’t know what I would do without it. Seriously. After leaving Uni and a structured school system to having a job and going to work where nothing is preplanned for you — it has been quite an adjustment to say the least.

Naturally, from having a bujo in Uni to handle my workload I have found it is also helping me manage this change and has kept me afloat. Over the last few months I have really narrowed down a great system that helps me stay organised  when there’s lots of moving parts in my life from work, to this blog, to my personal to-do’s.

So what do I do?


Make Pre-Made Weekly Spreads

Every Sunday evening I sit at my desk and set up my weekly bujo spread. This is step one for me and where it all begins. I know a lot of people struggle to plan out the amount of space needed for each day of the week but what I find works is using half a page for each day. If it’s too much space I add in a quote or doodle at the end of the day. I generally find I never use more than that but if you do need to — washi tape and postit notes work like a charm.

Tracking My Progress

First, I make little empty squares next to each bullet point in my Bujo. From there I have certain ‘keys’ that I follow without fail. This is what is the most important part to me because it helps me track everything I have going on, things I have done, or still need to do. This also includes a key to move things to the next day and two separate key that goes alongside the ‘square’ to show whether something has been finalised or is urgent.

To give you a better idea this is what I mean:


Separate To Do Lists 

Include separate to-do lists within your weekly spread. This way you can add extra things that don’t have a specific day.

Have Fun With It

The best part is having fun with your bujo! Make it colourful or beautiful or just the way you like it. I try to use my milliners and work on my lettering and also do some small doodles to put in different spreads.


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